Political Advocacy

ABC Western Pennsylvania Chapter

ABC actively works with all levels of government to represent member interests and the merit shop construction industry.

Locally, we employ a full-time lobbyist who advocates in Harrisburg for the needs of our members. We utilize a combination of professional staff, grassroots action, and political endorsements to promote our agenda at the Capitol.

Over the years ABC has:

  • Helped fight PLAs in the Western Pennsylvania region.
  • Helped make sure the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) was passed.
  • Advocated for policies that reduced the cost of health care for employers and employees.
  • Educate the community about local legislation, candidates and elections.
  • Ignite grassroots efforts (letter campaigns, phone calls, legislative visits) to support critical issues.
  • Political fundraising to support construction-friendly candidates and legislation.

Where do you come in:

As a constituent, you have a vital role to play in the legislative process. When you take the time to write, call or visit representatives in-person, they listen and take what you say into consideration.

ABC Fights for You on the Federal and State Issues:

In Washington, ABC works on federal regulations, tax codes, and employment law. Click here to go to the ABC National Grassroots Page.

In Pennsylvania, chapter staff are always active on regulation, taxes, and workforce development issues. Contact ABC PA today to learn more about what we are doing to protect and defend the merit shop construction industry!