Fall Protection Orientation

ABC Western Pennsylvania Chapter

Fall Protection Orientation

With scaffolding, ladders, tall buildings, and cranes, falls on construction sites are extremely common. In fact, OSHA states that falls are the most common cause of death and injury on a construction site.  Fall Protection Training provides you with the information you need to protect yourself and your fellow workers from the safety hazards that lead to falls. You’ll learn fall protection standards and definitions, including the differences between prevention, restraint, and arrest.   This course also reviews common hazards and rescue responses, so you understand what will happen and the proper actions to take if you were to fall on a construction site. Also, once you complete the course, you’ll be compliant with OSHA training regulations.

This course was developed for construction and general industry workers who need to prevent falls at their workplace.

If you must cancel for any reason, please contact us immediately. Cancellations received less than seven days of the start of class cannot be refunded; substitutions are permitted.


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Online, 2.5 hours


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