Pre- RA Application

ABC Western Pennsylvania Chapter

ABC of Western PA is excited to announce approval from the PA Apprenticeship & Training Office to begin operating a Pre-Registered Apprenticeship (Pre-RA) Program. The branded name of our Pre-Registered Apprenticeship Program is “Pathway 2 Build”.

The addition of this Pre-Registered Apprenticeship program provides more opportunities for individuals to receive training in the construction trades. The increased opportunities result in a more robust supply of skilled labor to support the construction communities of Western PA. The ABC of Western “Pathway 2 Build” program, through partnerships with school districts, Career Link offices, and community organizations provides pathways to construction training and education supporting the sustainability and growth of the industry in its entirety.

The ABC of Western PA works in partnership with area school districts, community organizations, and Career Link offices to offer a Pre-Registered Apprenticeship program to support individuals with developing construction skills necessary to support entry into registered apprenticeships and address the construction workforce shortage. The ABC of Western PA “Pathway 2 Build” program utilizes the NCCER Core curriculum to train, evaluate, and test students' knowledge and skill. This 64-hour Pre-Registered Apprenticeship program benefits students with earning high school credit, advanced standing in the ABC of Western PA apprenticeship, and stackable credentials in Construction Site Safety, OSHA 10, Adult CPR/First Aid/AED, and an NCCER Core certificate. The “Pathway 2 Build” program creates a segway to low-cost apprenticeship tuition. The ABC of WPA intends to target high school students, displaced workers, women, people of color, and individuals interested in construction apprentice programming.

Successful Pre-RA completers have advanced standing and access to an affordable education and training through the ABC of Western PA Apprenticeship program. Students earn portable, stackable, nationally recognized credentials through their Pre-RA and RA success.

Why Pre-Registered Apprenticeship?

As the sponsor for the Pre-RA and RA programs, with a strong network of employer members, ABC of Western PA recognizes successful completion of the “Pathway 2 Build” program by awarding advanced standing to students interested in continuing their education through the ABC of Western PA apprenticeship programs. Students who complete the pre-RA program are awarded additional points during the application process, gain access to member employer job postings, access to an affordable education and training, potentially qualify for tuition reimbursement, and are awarded 64-hours of Related Training Instruction (RTI) towards the first year of their apprenticeship training.

Who should enroll?

The pre-apprenticeship program is targeted towards both high school students in grades 10 - 12 who have an interest in continuing on the Construction Career Pathway, and also individuals from community organizations with little or no construction experience who have the desire to break into the construction industry. The Pre-RA program is designed to prepare individuals - high school students or adults with a high school graduation equivalency - who have an interest in a career in construction to enter and succeed in a Registered Apprenticeship program.

What curriculum and hands-on learning strategies are used?

The NCCER Core curriculum is a prerequisite to all the NCCER Craft training programs used by the ABC of Western PA Registered Apprenticeship. NCCER Core is designed as a rigorous, competency-based, industry-recognized program for career and technical education. Core: Introduction to Basic Construction Skills provides individuals with basic safety and other necessary knowledge and skills to perform in an introductory capacity on project sites. Student demonstrate competency and skill through knowledge- and performance-based testing. Completion of this curriculum results in credentials recognized by the construction industry and PA Department of Labor.

What industry-recognized credentials are earned during the program?

NCCER Core Completion Certificate, NCCER Construction Site Safety Certificate, OSHA 10, Adult CPR/First Aid/AED, and PA State Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate.

How much does it cost?

The ABC of Western PA has partnered with various vendors who provide training equipment at no cost or a significantly discounted rate. Students participating in “Pathway 2 Build” through their school district or community organizations do so at no cost. Individuals with the intention of completing a pre-apprenticeship are referred from ABC of Western PA to a local CareerLink to seek WIOA funding to cover tuition. All attempts to cover tuition for the pre-apprentices (as needed) will be made by ABC of Western PA and their partners. Moving forward, as pre-apprenticeship program success is demonstrated, our organization will seek further member support.

Our flexible, affordable craft and safety education leads to industry-recognized, national credentials for today's leading construction positions.

For additional information on how you, your business, your community, or your school can connect with ABC of Western PA on our Pre-Registered Apprenticeship training - “Pathway 2 Build”, please contact Matt Waltman, Director of Education & Workforce Development at or 412-213-3556 ext. 704.